Long-term Benefits of Exercise on Your Health

It is impossible to ignore the benefits of exercise on your health. If you have not yet started moving, read this article and get motivated as it will help you in the long run. It has proven in many studies and researches how physical activity and exercise leads to improved health. Exercise also reduces the risks of many diseases such as heart ailments, type 2 diabetes, cancer, etc. It has many long term benefits on your health irrespective of the age you start. Regular exercise and physical activity improve the overall quality of your lifestyle.

Let us see the many benefits that exercise will have on your lifestyle –

1. Improvement of Brain Efficiency

Regular exercise and physical activities boost the brain’s efficiency and help you in many ways. Rapid learning, better memory, and less depression is associated with regular exercise. It improves blood flow to the brain hence leading to better and boost the efficiency of the brain.

2. Visible improvement in Mood

There are few chemicals in the brain that gets released during regular exercise. These are endorphins, norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin which relieve stress built-up and lighten the mood. Exercise not only is beneficial for physical health but also mental and emotional well being.

3. Slows down the aging process

Exercise is moderate amounts increases one’s lifespan by 4 to 5 years. Physical activity increases the levels of molecules which protects telomeres. This slows down the ageing process from the cellular level.

 4. Better skin quality

Improved skin quality can be noticed with regular physical activity and exercise as there is a rise in the blood flow sent to the skin. It also delivers necessary nutrients and oxygen to the skin that can improve the health of your skin and lend it a glow.

5. Recovery from major and chronic diseases

Exercise helps in recovering from many major diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer, and even cardiovascular diseases. A simple activity like walking or jogging which can increase the heart rate little by little is extremely helpful. People have noticed a great improvement in their ailments whether physical or psychological.

6. Shrinkage of fat cells

Body metabolism rate is increased with regular physical activities as they start burning deposited fats. The cardiovascular system becomes strong and delivers huge amounts of oxygen after exercise. This lets the fat metabolize as a source of energy. Now that you know of the benefits of exercise, what are you waiting for? Start with any physical activity of your choice and gradually increase the activities as per your convenience. 

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